Why Are Your Trees So Important?

Here are just a few reasons trees are so important. (In random order)

  1. Good healthy shade or ornamental trees add value to your home and property.
  2. Trees also cool your home and property during summer.
  3. Trees block the harsh winter winds that rob your home of heat in winter.
  4. Trees block noise from cars, aircraft, trains and other noise pollution.
  5. Trees provide privacy from neighbors.
  6. Trees block the view of ugly situations, such as utility poles or overhead wires.
  7. Trees filter out pollution and protect delicate plants underneath them.
  8. Trees make wonderful homes for birds to live in or for animals such as deer to live under to protect them from the harsh winter cold or the extreme summer heat.
  9. Trees cool the water along rivers, lakes and ponds. This helps control algae and gives fish and other aquatic life a place to hide in the shadows.
  10. Trees provide food for a variety of animals because of the seeds, berry’s, fruit, nuts, leaves, limbs, wood, bark, sap and pollen they produce. Think about how each of these items can be used as food and think of the types of animals or insects that depend on these deferent items so that they can survive.
  11. Trees provide camouflage for all different types of wildlife to hide in.
  12. Large trees actually protect one another during high winds. Trees block the wind from one another and rest against one another as they move back and forth. That’s why trees tend to blow over after clearing a wooded lot and only leave a few trees to remain.
  13. When trees die they slowly dissolve to make soil loamy and provide important and much needed nutrients to the soil and microorganisms.
  14. Trees produce oxygen so we can breathe.

This list could go on forever! If you have anything you would like to add to this list please contact us; by email and we will add your comment to the list along with your initials. If you think about it trees are so important that life couldn’t exist without them.

I hope this information about trees has helped you understand and appreciate your trees more than before.