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Stump Removal Services

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There are many reasons why you should remove stumps from your yard. The number one reason people remove stumps is they are just downright UGLY! The number two reason and probably the best reason is termites eat wood and guess what stumps are made of?

Stumps make the perfect home for termites to gain access by way of the root system to find a path to your home or other wooden structure. Termites must come to the surface occasionally and the stump make the perfect patio, the root system makes the perfect hallway with total privacy so the termites can enter and exit your home from many years without being notice and disturbed. Now what do you think about that stump that’s just a little bit too close to your home?

The third good reason people should remove stumps is due to the hazards they pose now and later in the future. Here are just a few possible hazards for you to think about. Stumps pose a trip hazard, stumps damage mower and lawn equipment, as the root system begins to rot they encourage bees such as Yellow Jackets or even worse; Snakes to move in, oh yea; don’t forget about the Termites! As stumps continue to rot they eventually leave a hole that could break a foot or leg when stepped in (the smaller stumps make this problem much worse).

The forth good reason to remove your stumps is your property value diminishes when your yard has stumps or isn’t maintained properly. ‘Stumps are a good/bad sign of poor maintenance’ Last but not least, your neighbors are most likely also having to look at the stumps. The last thing you want to do is hurt the neighbor’s property value due to an unsightly yard. Whether you remove your stumps now or remove them later, your stumps will still need to be removed even if you wait many years and then kick them out with your boot. So, why wait and take the chance of breaking your foot? Grinding your stumps today is going to be cheaper than waiting a year or two due to the rising cost of fuel, labor and equipment. Remember, a stump grinding machine doesn’t know the difference between a fresh cut stump and a stump that is almost rotted away. The time it takes to grind a fresh cut stump and a half rotted stump is almost the same. We have a large turbo diesel powered stump grinder and a smaller diesel powered portable stump grinder for any size stump in that hard to reach location.

Please contact us to remove your UGLY stump today!

Stump Chip Clean Up and Topsoil Repairs

We also offer stump chip clean up and topsoil, seed and fiber straw repairs. We start with grinding stumps. After we finish the stump grinding we clean up as much of the stump chips as possible and load on our truck to haul away. After the chip are cleaned up, we fill the stump holes with topsoil, over seed the area and cover the area with section fiber straw matting. We only offer fiber straw matting because your grass will grow faster, fuller and healthier. Fiber straw helps shade the area and holds in moisture that’s needed for your grass seed to germinate. Fiber straw won’t blow away during normal wind conditions. Fiber straw deters digging by birds, cats, dogs, squirrels and other animals. Fiber straw requires less maintenance by the homeowner and is well worth the small added expense to complete your lawn repairs correctly. This is why we never use bailed straw for our stump repairs. We believe that if you’re paying us to repair your yard, we may as well complete your work correctly. This way you can enjoy working in your yard, not working on your yard.