arborist in tree

ISA Certified Arborist; Eric T. Riggs is ready to meet or answer questions from anyone needing highly technical pruning or advice.

Are your trees stressed, damaged or do they just need a little pruning or correctional maintenance?

Our professional Arborists are ready to climb into your largest trees. We are ready to prune and preserve the natural beauty of your trees. It is best to only allow a trained Arborist to climb your trees to assure you that the trees won’t be damaged by the climber or ruined beyond repair or recognition.

Remember, not every tree climber is an Arborist. In my opinion, less than one percent of tree climbers are Certified Arborist and less than ten percent of tree climbers make a fairly good, skilled Arborist without a Certification. Don’t take me wrong, there are some very good tree climbers out there but the chances of hiring a bad climber is much greater than the chances of hiring a good climber. You should get several references before you hire an Arborist or tree climber. Remember the old saying; you get what you pay for!

Remember back in elementary school when you were in art class. Every classroom had one or two students that were young artist and the rest of the class just couldn’t draw at all because they just didn’t have the raw talent to visualize what they wanted to draw. It’s God’s gift if you have the talent to draw. Tree maintenance and especially pruning is the same way! Approximately one out of thirty people have this natural talent to visualize how to prune or even visualize the proper procedure to remove a hazardous tree. If you can’t draw, you most likely can’t prune properly. This is a fact! This is the reason that most customers have bad experiences when hiring tree companies that have average tree climbers. It’s not the fault of the individual climber; it’s just that very few people have this natural talent. You can’t buy this talent but you may possibly develop this talent or ability over time. Tree pruning is truly an ART if completed by the right Artist; or in a better word, Arborist

A good Arborist is very hard to find. It takes many years to find and employ a good Arborist and they don’t come cheap. After finding a good Arborist, the next challenge is to keep him or her. There are very few Certified Arborists in this area. The reason for this is the Roanoke area doesn’t pay nearly as much as many other areas such as northern Virginia. The reason most tree climbers don’t become professional Arborists is they fail to study so they can improve on their knowledge of trees and further their education.